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Campus of Gdansk University of Technology, Top University of Europe

Gdańsk University of Technology

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Gdańsk University of Technology 1904

Gdansk (Poland)

80-233 Gdańsk University of Technology, Narutowicza St 11/12, Gdansk, Poland

Tel. +48 58 347 28 28

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Year of establishment: 1904

One of the oldest Technical Universities in Poland, the Gdańsk University of Technology offers a wide range of higher education in Science and Technology.  

The Gdańsk University of Technology (GUT) is the largest technical university in the Pomeranian Region and one of the oldest technical universities in Poland. The impressive University campus, which is 77 hectares, is a harmonic combination of 100-years old buildings with XXI century ultramodern edifices. The University has nine  faculties, which offer Bachelor, Master (also Erasmus Mundus programmes) and Doctoral studies, for full time and part time study and in various subjects in the science and technology disciplines. Courses include 37 fields of undergraduate studies and 27 fields of graduate studies, including 3 inter-faculty courses and 2 inter-academic courses. The Gdańsk University of Technology also offers 3 fields of undergraduate and 12 fields of graduate studies in English. In terms of facilities, GUT's 25 000 students have access to specialist laboratories, lecture theatres with multimedia facilities, a library with 1.2 million volumes and various sports facilities.

HEI International Masters
HEI International Bachelors
Architecture Architecture
Business, Management and Marketing Business, Management and Marketing
Computer Science and Information Systems Computer Science and Information Systems
Earth and Marine Sciences Earth and Marine Sciences
Economics Economics
Engineering: Civil Engineering: Civil
Engineering: Electronic and Electrical Engineering: Electronic and Electrical
Engineering: General Engineering: General
Engineering: Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical
Geography and Environmental Studies Geography and Environmental Studies
Mathematics Mathematics


1. Master of Science in Architecture 2. Master of Science in Automatic Control and Robotics, specialization: Signal Processing 3. Master of Science in Civil Engineering 4. Master of Science in Control Engineering and Robotics, specialization: Automatic Control Systems; Robotics and Decision Systems 5. Master in Economic Analysis 6. Master of Science in Electronics and Telecommunications; specialization: Computer Electronic Systems; Radio Communication Systems and Networks 7. Master of Science in Environmental Engineering 8. Master of Science in Green Technologies and Monitoring 9. Master of Science in Informatics; specialization: Distributed Applications and Internet Services 10. Master of Science in Ocean Engineering, specialization: Ship and Offshore Structures; Marine and Offshore Energy 11. Master in Management; specialization: International Management; Small Business Economics & Management 12. Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, specialization: International Design Engineer


1. Bachelor of Science in Green Technologies and Monitoring 2. Bachelor in Management 3. Bachelor of Science in Energy Technologies


Scholarships are available for best students, on the basis of contest after first semester of studying.

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